Reserve a Room

Meeting Room Reservations

The large, multipurpose Meeting Room can accommodate up to 60 people for a wide

variety of meetings, lectures, audio-visual presentations, and exhibits. 


  • Tables and chairs (extras stored in closet)
  • Pull down projection screen
  • Kitchenette with sink and counter space
  • Wireless internet (no password required)

To request use of the meeting room, please read the Meeting Room Use Policy and send a completed Meeting Room Reservation Form to Laura Zalewski at   Approval is based on availability and purpose.


Art exhibits

Artists interested in exhibiting their work in the Meeting Room may review our Art Exhibit Policy and send a completed Artist Exhibit Reservation Form  to Laura Zalewski at

Study Room Reservations

The Topsfield Room and Quiet Study on the second floor are available to individuals and small groups for educational, civic and cultural purposes.  The rooms are not available for soliciting sales or for social purposes.

Although individuals may use the rooms when available, the rooms are intended for group work or study rather than individual office space.

The study rooms close 15 minutes before the library closes for the evening.

Topsfield Room



The Topsfield Room has one table with seating for eight people and three folding tables, as well as electrical outlets.

The Topsfield Room  is a craft/project space, and library programs have priority. Supplies are stored in the room, and on occasion, occupants may be disturbed when supplies are required.





Quiet Study

The Quiet Study has one table with seating for four people, as well as electrical outlets.

To check availability of either study room, call the Reference Department at 978-887-1528 ext. 2200 or e-mail 

You will be asked to review the Topsfield Room and Quiet Study Policy and submit a completed Topsfield Room and Quiet Study Reservation Form.