Summer Storytimes have ended. We will resume in the fall.

Check our Children’s Room Facebook page for information and virtual storytimes!




Storytime Guidelines:

To ensure that all children have an enjoyable experience and to continue the quality of our storytimes, we ask that you please:

  • Please do not bring snacks or drinks into the library.

  • Silence your cell phone while in the library.

  • Participate! Your child will model your behavior, and if you are having fun at Storytime, they will too.

  • If your child isn’t feeling like Storytime today, that’s ok! We understand. If anyone needs a break, you’re welcome to take a breather in the Children’s Room and rejoin Storytime when you’re ready.

  • As we get into cold and flu season, please don’t worry about missing a Storytime due to illness! We hope you will rejoin us when you and/or your child are feeling better!