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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

What is 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten (1KB4K)?

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten (1KB4K) easy, fun, and free program that puts children on the path to success! If you read three books a day, you’ll reach 1,000 books within one year. Even if you read just one book per day, you’ll reach the goal of 1,000 books in three years.

How do I register?

Sign up using our Beanstack software. If you have older kids, this is the same program we use for logging summer reading minutes, so you may already have an account! If not, create an account, and create a reader profile for your child. Then, click into and register your child for the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge.

As long as your child has not started kindergarten, they are eligible for the program!

Read and Receive!

Zero to 1,000 feels like a lot — we are happy to have milestone rewards to encourage you along the way!

Your child will receive a sticker for every 100 books they read.

Earn special rewards when you log 100, 300, 600, 900, and 1,000 books!

What do I log?

Read a book (any book) to your newborn, infant, and/or toddler. The goal is to have read 1,000 books before your child starts kindergarten.

If you visit us for Storytime, Wonderful Ones, Terrific Twos, or another story reading event, those books count! If your child goes to daycare and reads books there, those books count too! You can repeat books (and we’re sure you will!). Audiobooks count, too!

Why read to little ones?

Research shows that sharing books, conversations, and songs with children builds language skills.  Regular exposure to books introduces your child to a wide range of words, helping them build a strong and diverse vocabulary from an early age. Studies have shown that children who are read to frequently have a larger vocabulary and a higher level of understanding complex sentences. 1KB4K helps prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond.

Additionally, reading helps stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity. Through books, they can explore new ideas, engage with characters from different cultures and backgrounds, and develop a broader perspective of the world. The power of storytelling cultivates their imagination, allowing them to think critically, problem-solve, and express their thoughts and feelings effectively.

1KB4K establishes a close and meaningful bond between you and your child. Reading together provides the perfect opportunity for quality time spent together. Reading with your child and making it a special time together shows them that reading is important and fun. You can start to develop a love of reading in your child from a very young age!

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