Topsfield Room and Quiet Study Room Policy


The Topsfield Room and Quiet Study are available to individuals and small groups for educational, civic, and cultural purposes. The rooms are not available for soliciting for sales or social purposes. Although individuals may use the rooms, when available, the rooms are intended for group work or study rather than individual office space.

The Topsfield Room is a craft/project space and library programs have priority. Supplies are stored in the room, and on occasion, occupants may be disturbed when supplies are required.

Use of the meeting rooms does not constitute or imply endorsements by the Library of the aims, policies, activities, or points of view expressed by participants. Any and all advertisements, announcements, or publicity proposed to be distributed for the room use must be approved by the Library Director prior to distribution. The Board of Trustees and Library Director may deny or withdraw permission to use the Library to any individual, group, or organization that fails to comply with this policy.


  • The person responsible for the condition of the room must fill out the TopsfieldRoom/Quiet Study Reservation form and is financially responsible for any damage done to the room and its furnishings during the time period reserved. The room must be left in a clean and orderly fashion. This includes reservation and walk-in users of the rooms.
  • The Quiet Study accommodates up to four (4) people and the Topsfield Room accommodates up to twelve (12). Due to public health concerns, the rooms will have the following temporary occupancy limits: The Quiet Study is limited to two (2) people and the Topsfield Room is limited to six (6) people. Occupancy changes will be made at the discretion of the Library Director or Assistant Director.
  • The Topsfield Room and Quiet Study may be booked up to three (3) weeks in advance and no more than two (2) reservations per week, per individual/organization. Organizations which benefit the community as a whole may book the rooms up to one year in advance.
  • The room reservation will be held for fifteen (15) minutes after the reserved time, after which, the room will be available for use by anyone requesting to use the space.
  • Once a group or individual signs up for the room, it may remain unoccupied for no more than fifteen (15) minutes. The Library is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen property. The Library reserves the right to remove items left unattended in the room for fifteen (15) minutes or more.
  • The rooms are not sound-proof and reasonable noise may be heard between the rooms. No noticeable noise should be heard outside of the room while in use.
  • The Topsfield Room and Quiet Study may be booked for up to two (2) hours at a time. After that time, a person or group may continue for an additional one (1) hour if no one is waiting for the room. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of library staff.
  • Users may move and rearrange tables and chairs as long as they are returned to their original configuration after use.
  • Only covered drinks are allowed. No alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or food may be used in the study rooms.
  • The Topsfield Room and Quiet Study must be vacated fifteen (15) minutes prior to closing.
  • All Library policies apply to persons using the Topsfield Room and Quiet Study including but not limited to the Library Behavior Policy and the Policy for Public Use of the Internet.
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