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Policy for Public Use of the Internet

The Topsfield Town Library strives to develop the collection of books, resources and services that meet the community’s informational needs. Access to the internet is a resource and service that assists in the informational, cultural, and educational needs of the community. Creating a sensitive and safe atmosphere for all individuals accessing information is very important to the Library environment. Acknowledging that the Internet is a powerful information tool, it is not a total substitute for many other library resources.

In accordance with the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights,” public access to the Internet should be offered to all patrons. It must be clear that the Topsfield Town Library staff does not monitor or control accessed information and cannot be held responsible for its content (with regard to accuracy, currency or completeness).

The Internet may contain controversial material and information that is of a mature nature and may not be suitable for minors, nor appropriate for viewing in a public setting. The Library encourages parents/ guardians to discuss with their children the appropriate use of electronic resources available through the Internet.

Individuals are requested to follow the Guidelines For Internet Use and to exercise good judgment and discretion in their use of the Internet while visiting the Library.

Guidelines for Internet Use

  • The Library staff reserves the right to ask a Patron to discontinue use of the Internet if material being accessed is considered inappropriate for public viewing.
  • All printing from the internet has a charge per page, to be paid once printing is completed.
  • Internet devices close fifteen minutes before library closes. All printing must be completed by this time.
  • Only two patrons are permitted at a workstation at a time. Interfering with or disrupting other computer users is prohibited.
  • Patrons will not be permitted to use their own software.
  • The staff will assist in connecting you to the internet, but cannot provide information on how to use internet software. Staff members may not always be available.
  • The internet computer equipment and software must be used as installed. Users are not permitted to add to, delete or modify the installed software or hardware.
  • Users will be held liable for repair or replacement costs for any damage to hardware or software.
  • Patrons are expected to use the internet in an ethical manner. Violation of copyright laws, software license agreements, attempts to bypass network security functions, or alter library workstations in any way is not permitted.
  • Users shall not use the internet for any illegal activity; the use for purposes violating applicable federal, state or local laws is prohibited.

The Topsfield Town Library reserves the right to terminate the internet access privileges of any patron abusing any of the above Policy and Guidelines.

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