Using the Library to Plan a Trip to Hawaii!

Eileen visiting the Hilo Public Library, largest library on Hawaii Island.

Planning a trip to Hawaii? We went in September, and it was anamazing adventure. There are so many wonderful resources available both online and in print. We are happy to guide, haha, you to the right section.

That being said, I found these two guide books (pictures and links included!) by Andrew Doughty to be really helpful.  Each book is organized with a general overview of the island including its history, climate, topography, and uniqueness.  Doughty then goes into more depth of each region or zone pointing out not to be missed places and/or adventures. 

There are sections highlighting where to stay, places to eat, and experiences to enjoy. Anything from an open-door helicopter ride on Kauai – yes, I did that, to a sunset dinner cruise of the Napoli Coast, a quiet beach to relax on, lush rain forests to hike, and historical sites to explore. Doughty suggests lots of outdoor activities including hiking suggestions – we walked the crater floor of a volcano in Volcanoes National Park and 12 hours later, the volcano spewed hot lava! We were able to drive back up there after dinner and see it for ourselves – AMAZING! Doughty has lots of self-guided drives on each island that we found spot on. Many of these drives include hidden gems -beaches, cattle farms, coffee plantations, waterfalls, hiking paths, bicycle trails, kayaking/snorkeling spots, the most southern point of the United States, breathtaking views, shaved ice huts, and more. There are just so many adventures to enjoy. Of course, Doughty has an app too, but we liked the books (free from the library) and often found ourselves circumnavigating or stumbling onto our own hidden gems.

Whether you have a specific destination in mind or are exploring options for your next trip, check out our catalog for the latest and greatest guidebooks.

TIP: Travelling abroad? Check out Global Road Warrior  – an extensive country-by-country resource for learning about culture, customs, history, and language worldwide. Currently covers 174 countries. Great for school reports as well as business, leisure, and armchair travel. It is available for Topsfield Library Card Holders through the library!

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