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Books with Bex: Immersing yourself in a book

Adventures in Piazza Del Popolo in Rome!

Is there anything better on a cold winter’s day than snuggling up in a cozy chair with a blanket, a hot beverage, at LEAST two pillows, and a good book? Especially if that book features a snowy landscape, a small-town detective, or a holiday romance? Well, maybe sitting back on the beach with a cooler full of snacks, the sun on your face, and a pile of beach reads… Or some spooky books around Halloween? 

I usually plan out about half of the books I want to get to every year, the list is getting long, but there is nothing I love more than creating an environment around myself that really allows me to immerse myself in the book. Maybe it’s the theater kid in me, but I love to feel like I am IN the story, and when I stop reading that I can carry a little bit of that story with me out into the world. A lot of times that means reading with the seasons, but sometimes a book makes you want to try something you read about or to visit a place it featured in its pages. Reading Crazy Rich Asians? Guess who is ordering Chinese food tonight. Reading Bridget Jones’s Diary? This calls for some chocolates and a glass of wine! Remember when you read the Count of Monte Cristo and they had that scene in the Piazza Del Popolo? Well, we’re in Rome, let’s go find it (true story)!

So, if you are in a reading rut, or maybe you have a reluctant reader at home, try making reading a truly physical experience! Read something that is set in the area where you live, so you can take a day trip to see it in person. Read a book that features a culture you can go out and learn about and experience (bonus if it’s a fun new food to try)! Or maybe read a story featuring a sport you play that will motivate you to train harder or be the best teammate you can be. Reading is a great way to learn about other people and places without needing to leave the comfort of your home, but sometimes it’s fun to let your book inspire you to star in your own little story!  

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