Summer Reading for Everyone!

Post by Children’s Assistant, Eileen Smith

Way back when I was a young parent, finding time to read a book just for me was often a challenge. Sure, we read and reread the kids’ favorites…but often I might get ten pages of a book I got from the library read before my eyes would close. And, I would often forget what I read when I woke the next day. Needless to say, I missed silent, sustained reading – anyone else’s kids do SSR in school? Or, DEAR – drop everything and read? There are probably new catchy buzz words to make the point. Reading is essential!

It was a wise teacher at a back to school night that stressed the importance of modeling reading to our children. What better way to encourage our children to read at least 20 minutes a day, then to do it ourselves!

So, take the opportunity to share in the enjoyment of reading at least 20 minutes a day with your family. Libraries are the perfect place to browse books and periodicals in print. You can access our digital collection from our website or through the Libby app.

We have Summer Reading programs for all ages- including adults (with a great prize!) Check out our Summer Reading page for more information!

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