Unattended Child Policy


The Topsfield Town Library welcomes children of all ages to utilize the library’s space, materials and services. It is a portal through which lifelong learning can take place. The library is a busy public facility and the library staff cannot monitor or supervisor the behavior, safety or whereabouts of minors.

The library staff is also concerned about the safety of minors who may remain in the Library at closing time. A minor without adult supervision is encouraged to begin calling for a ride at least fifteen minutes prior to closing time.


The Library does not assume responsibility for caring for minors, nor does the Library assume responsibility for minors left at the Library at closing time. At no time will the Library be considered in loco parentis.

Children 8 years old and younger must have a parent/adult caregiver in the immediate vicinity and in visual contact with the child.

Children 9 years and older may visit the library unattended by an adult but must abide by the library’s Behavior Policy.

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