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August is National Water Quality Month. Here are eight things you can do to protect your water.

August is National Water Quality Month. National Water Quality Month is “dedicated to making the most of the relatively small amount of fresh water we have, because having clean water is vital to our individual health, our collective agricultural needs, and the needs of our environment…[it] was founded in 2005 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and backed by the United Nations in an effort to promote civic discourse about how to conserve our natural water sources by starting conversations on what we can do in our own households and communities to ensure that we all have access to safe, clean drinking water for generations to come.”

Our Head of Reference/Assistant Director, Roz Broch, created the following infographic highlighting eight things you can do to protect your water.

8 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO PROTECT YOUR WATER 5) DON'T FLUSH UNWANTED OR EXPIRED MEDICATIONS DOWN THE TOILET. These products have toxic chemicals that should not be flushed down the drain. 4) DON'T USE FERTILIZER MADE WITH PHOSPHORUS. After heavy rainfall or watering, these chemicals can leak into nearby groundwater sources. Try using organic materials or waiting for drier weather if you absolutely need to use lawn care products. 3) DON'T HOSE DOWN YOUR DRIVEWAY. USE A BROOM. 2) PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET. 1) WASH YOUR CAR AT A CAR WASH 6) TAKE USED OIL OR ANTIFREEZE TO A SERVICE STATION OR RECYCLING CENTER. 7) AVOID USING ANTIBACTERIAL SOAPS OR CLEANING PRODUCTS IN YOUR DRAIN. They are also toxic to marine life. 8) USE A RAIN BARREL TO COLLECT RAINWATER Installing a rain barrel will not only save you money, but can also be used for watering your lawn or rinsing your car.

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