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Volunteer Policy

Interested in Volunteering? Submit this Volunteer Application Form to Topsfield Town Library staff at, or return to the library’s Circulation Desk.

The Topsfield Town Library recognizes the rich benefit of volunteer community service and as a valued resource contributing to the Library’s success. A dedicated volunteer corps enhances daily operations. The following volunteer guidelines should be adhered to:

  • The role of the volunteer is to enhance Library services, but not to take the place of paid staff positions and their job description. Volunteers should never be asked to perform tasks that the Library staff should do, in particular, aspects of Library business that would compromise Library patron privacy and confidentiality.
  • Volunteers will initially receive orientation, training, and an evaluation by a designated Library staff, which will include an introduction to all the volunteer opportunities in the Library.
  • As with paid staff, Trustees, and Friends of the Topsfield Town Library board members, volunteers shall understand the Library environment and conduct their business accordingly.
  • All Library volunteers will be recognized yearly and honored in the Library Report found in the Topsfield Annual Report. Any volunteer requiring a letter of recognition for their generous services to the Library should contact the Library’s Administration Office.
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