Handheld Device Policy

The Topsfield Town Library makes a variety of handheld devices available for library cardholders in good standing with all MVLC Libraries. The Library’s role is to offer the patron the experience of “test driving” the different models.

In order to keep the handheld devices in optimal working condition, the Library requires that the following criteria are met:

  1. Patrons wishing to borrow a handheld device must be at least 18 years of age and present a valid library card. Patrons must sign and complete a form authorizing the use of the handheld device and outlining the responsibilities attributed to the user.
  2. The handheld device must be returned to a staff member at the circulation or reference desk of the Topsfield Library during normal operating hours. Handheld devices may NOT be put into the book drop or dropped off at another library.
  3. If damage to the handheld device is discovered by Library staff, the cost of the device must be immediately paid in full. The Library will accept a personal check, cash or money order.

The following guidelines must be adhered to while using a handheld device:

  • The handheld device must be in the care of the patron at all times and should not be left unattended in a public setting. The handheld device cannot be stored in a vehicle or exposed to water, excessive sun, fire, cold, sand, precipitation or any other potentially damaging situation.
  • Before returning the handheld device, patrons should ensure that no personal information, such as credit card information, has been inadvertently stored on the device.
  • The patron is responsible for damage, loss or theft, and added content to the handheld device as well as returning all associated materials in good working order. Costs will vary depending on the device and must be paid for immediately.
  • The handheld device may be circulated for a 7 day loan period and may not be requested or renewed. Handheld devices accrue late fines at a rate of $5 per day with a maximum $20 fine.
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