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Art Exhibit Policy


The quality of the art exhibited is an important consideration in attracting artists to show their work in the Topsfield Town Library. All first-time exhibitors at the library are required to submit samples of work, in advance of setting an exhibit date, for review by the library director and the art committee. Solo artists must have a substantial body of framed or equivalent work for exhibit.

The required Exhibit Reservation Form is available here.

Insurance and Library Non-Responsibility

The library activity room is a public space and used often by the library staff, library patrons, town boards and other organizations. The library assumes no responsibility for works of art and does not carry insurance in the event any works of art are damaged or stolen. We recommend that you insure your works of art and we discourage the exhibiting of very small items.


  • Group shows must have a contact person who is responsible for the group and the application. The same standard for individual artist’s work applies to each artist in a group.
  • The installation of an exhibit must be completed in one day or additional time must be arranged with the Library Director. The same applies to removal of art.
  • The artist is responsible for the hanging and removing of his or her exhibit. The library has a hanging system which artists are required to use. Artists cannot make any holes in the walls or hang work where there is no hanging system.
  • Each piece of art must have a title card and possibly background information about the artwork such as inspiration for the work, crafted in the “style of xxx”, or some other point of interest about the work. Only removable tape that does not damage walls can be used.
  • Artists may leave cards and a guest book in the activity room.
  • Each piece of art available for sale must be named and priced. Artists negotiate the sales of art with any interested party. The library does not accept commissions for works that are sold, but asks for a 15% donation of the total sales made during the exhibit to the Friends of the Topsfield Library. Sold works may not be removed during the show, with the only exception of December as many sales may be a gift. In those cases we ask that an immediate comparable replacement be hung.
  • Receptions are permitted, however the scheduling and details of a reception must be made in advance with the library director. Reception refreshments and invitations are the responsibility of the artist. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • On the day of removal of your artwork, please advise the staff member at the circulation desk or the library director that removal of the artwork is taking place.
  • Failure to meet this policy will mean exclusion from future exhibits.
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