“This book left me feeling a million emotions. I cannot recommend this series enough.” Looking for a good read? Read some reviews of books read this summer by some of our patrons.

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One way to receive additional entries to our end-of-the-summer drawing is to leave reviews for books you have read. Struggling to find your next read this summer? In this post, we’re sharing several reviews we have received (with permission of our patrons). Maybe you’ll find some inspiration! Watch this space over the summer; we’ll be sharing more reviews from our library patrons!

The Housemaid is Watching
by Freida McFadden


Freida McFadden is a genius. While yes this book can be read as a standalone knowing the background from the prior two books in the series is helpful. This story is full of twists and turns. While you may be reading it and feel SURE you know what is going to happen I assure you you don't. And you will not until the very final pages. This book left me feeling a million emotions. I cannot recommend this series enough.

The Women
by Kristin Hannah

This book transports you to the Vietnam War era through its gritty, raw, and evocative descriptions. It is sad and tragic but the book will stay with you - it’s one of those books that hits a true chord. It’s tragic to read about how troops and women were treated post-war. I never contemplated women’s roles in 1960s war efforts, but I often contemplate it now, and I wonder how far the world has come (or not) since then. It’s a brilliant read - hard to get through at times because of the heaviness of it, but a really good historical fiction.

The Means
by Amy Fusselman

My favorite character was the dog Twix. The main character Shelly Means remained pretty unlikeable throughout the book and while she became slightly more bearable by the end I don't think it was enough for me to be sold on her or the book. I could see what the author was trying to do with her odd personality and voice but I don't think the social commentary or satire landed in a way that appealed to me personally.

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