View our May 8th Author Talk with Topsfield native and Masco Grad Parker Jamison writing as Ox Devere!

On May 8th, 2024, the Topsfield Town Library was proud to host Topsfield native, Masco grad, and former TTL worker Parker Jamison (writing as Ox Devere). Thanks to our wonderful partners at Boxford Cable Access TV, this event is viewable on demand.

ABOUT THE BOOK: A team of excavators restoring Notre Dame makes a stunning discovery beneath the floor of the cathedral…an unmarked sarcophagus. When CIA operative Ridley Samaras and her new partner Henri are sent to investigate the strange finding, a vengeful creature is unleashed on the city. Part of a clandestine CIA unit that tracks arcane relics around the world, the operatives discover a chilling secret stretching back nearly a thousand years: the Knights Templar were imprisoning malevolent Middle-Eastern spirits called jinn. The jinn that escaped from this sarcophagus is on a mission to free its demonic masters from captivity…masters whose power would devastate the earth. Ridley and Henri race after the jinn, from Portugal to Syria to England and Egypt, battling a radical remnant of the Templars seeking to exploit the supernatural chaos. As the partners trace the creature’s path to unleash its final terror, they must prevent a global cataclysm at the most explosive place on earth…the Temple Mount.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Topsfield native and Masconomet graduate Parker Jamison spent years working in the film industry, from Orlando to Boston to Los Angeles. After a time in screenwriting, she decided to return to her love of real, in-your-hands reading and finally write a book. She drew from her passion for travel, history, and action-adventure…from her love of movies like Indiana Jones and The Mummy, games like Uncharted and Tomb Raider, and the works of Clive Cussler and James Rollins. Writing under the pen name Ox Devere, Jamison published her debut novel in December of 2023. Titled Rage of the Jinn, it is on the shelves of the Topsfield Library, where she worked during high school. It’s a tale that has readers telling themselves, “Just one more chapter…okay, just one more chapter…well now I have to know what happens in the next chapter!” To find out how the name Ox Devere is a veiled tribute to the most famous pseudonym of all time, feel welcome to get in touch at, or follow on Instagram @oxdevere.

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