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April Photography Exhibit: Caroline Stella & James Gallagher

The Topsfield Library is pleased to announce our April 2024 art exhibit featuring the photography of Caroline Stella and James (Jim) Gallagher. The exhibit will run April 1st through April 29th in the Activity Room.  The exhibit reception will be April 11th from 4pm to 6:30pm.

About Caroline Stella:

Come along and join me on a journey through fifty years of my photography.

My journey has taken me to many countries, numerous vistas throughout New England, and various locations throughout the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. Since retiring from teaching more than fifteen years ago, I have been able to devote more time to my life long passion, photography. I truly enjoy photographing the scenic coastline of New England with all the amazing vistas, lighthouses, and historic places that are so iconic to our area.

I am an active member of the Greater Lynn Photographic Association, Winthrop Art  Association, and Essex Heritage. My photography has been displayed in numerous locations throughout the Essex area of Massachusetts and has received many local awards. I have also had some of my works featured as award winners for the Essex Heritage Association and the AAA magazine.

I hope that you enjoy the exhibit here at the Topsfield Library. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding my work. You may also visit my website to view more of my photography.

Thank you,
Caroline Stella

About James Gallagher: 

I have been an amateur photographer for over 40 years. As an amateur I am free to pursue my photographic pursuits which include: landscape, nature, and portrait photography. A major aid in the advancement of my photographic skills is my involvement studying advanced camera techniques. To do this, I found the best way to enhance my knowledge and skills as a photographer is to associate with pleasant and experienced people who are willing to share their photographic talents. In order to find these like minded people I am a member of three photograph art groups: Marblehead Art Association, Greater Lynn Photographic Association, and Winthrop Art Association. By joining these associations I have found friends who are skilled, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable photographers therefore resulting in the improvement of my creative photographic skills.

In closing, I recommend that you: stay inquisitive, hang out with people who know more than you, bring something that helps the group improve, don’t bring negative emotion to a fun time. Lastly, have that fun you are looking for and most of all, improve.

James F. Gallagher, Jr., Ed.D.

You don’t take a photograph you make it.

– Ansel Adams3rd

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