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Staff Reviews: Foster, I Know Who You Are, and more!

by Claire Keegan

Review by Sean Smith, Head of Adult Services

An absolutely wonderful novella written in 2010 and just now published in full on this side of the Atlantic; Foster is an early leader for my favorite book of the year. Only 92 pages long and told from the point of view of an unnamed child sent to live with “strangers” (family she has never met, the Kinsellas) temporarily, this book is stunning in its simplicity, yet profound and moving. “All you need is minding.”

I Know Who You Are
by Alice Feeney

Review by Rebecca Boudreau, Marketing and Outreach Associate

This book was great for the first 95%, and then I was disappointed in the last 20 pages. Alice Feeney LOVES a dramatic twist ending, but the way she does it in this particular book is so misleading, out of left field, and frankly, kind of gross, that I closed the book at the end feeling extremely dissatisfied. I love a twist ending, I like not knowing who did it until the end, but it has to make sense. The motivation for this story’s suspenseful narrative makes absolutely ZERO sense.

Gone in the Night (2022 Film)

Review by Noelle, Reference and Circulation Assistant

Winona Ryder, who plays Kath, takes a spontaneous mini vacation with her partner to a remote cabin in the woods only to realize there’s another couple already there. When her boyfriend suddenly goes missing the following morning, she starts to uncover that the reason for his disappearance isn’t so simplified. Part thriller part mystery, the plot unfolds in an unexpected way; however, the character development and ending may leave viewers seeking more.

River Sing Me Home
by Eleanor Shearer

Review by Eileen Smith, Children’s Assistant

A mother’s love is a fierce thing. Rachel’s story of searching for her children scattered in the Caribbean at the end of slavery in 1834 is such a rich read. Starting in Barbados as slavery is outlawed but 6 years of unpaid apprenticeship is mandated on all former slaves, Rachel decides to run. Her tireless journey to discover her children and their stories takes the reader to British Guina and Trinidad. Shearer is an amazing storyteller. Looking forward to reading more of Eleanor Shearer’s writing.

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