Healthy Food Series

Join us for three Thursday nights in September as we explore delicious, nutritious foods and healthy eating habits!

All programs are free and do not require registration.

September 12, 7-8pm: Mrs. Thrift’s Herbal Kitchen

Mrs. Thrift loves to grow culinary herbs and she loves to cook! Learn to make her favorite herb-enhanced condiments, vinegars, mustards, butters, pestos, salts, and nuts, and how to use them to lift ordinary, everyday meals to a new taste level. Enjoy a sampling of herb butter, vinegars, mustard, nuts, pestos and salt at the end of the program.

September 19, 7-8pm: Liz Barbour Makes Grain Bowls

Grain bowls are all the rage and for good reason! Fast, versatile and packed with nutrients, these one-bowl meals combine fresh veggies, healthy grains, protein, and delicious sauces.  Following her discussion, Liz will demonstrate how to combine and prepare ingredients to create super healthy recipes. Enjoy a cooking demonstration of 2 delicious recipes with samples for everyon​e.

Septmeber 26, 7-8pm: Re-think Your Plate with Whole Foods

Join Eileen Webster, the Health Eating Specialist from Whole Foods Market in Andover, to learn easy and delicious ways to eat more whole foods. Discover how to incorporate more nutrient-dense foods into your daily eating habits while watching Eileen prepare some examples you can use (and taste!) to boost your plate from good to great!