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Using the Library’s Self Checkout Machine

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Using the library’s self-checkout machine is easy! To use the library’s self-checkout machine:

1. Scan the barcode on the BACK of your library card using the scanner. You can also type the fourteen digit number on the back of your card and hit “Next.”
Visit our MVLC Mobile page for information on downloading your library card to your phone.

2. Scan the 14 digit barcode on the top front cover of the item you are checking out. The barcode will look like this:
Picture of barcode on front cover of each item in the library

For best results scanning, try to move the item back away from the scanner.

Please note: do not scan the ISBN barcode on the back of the item.

3. When done scanning all your items, you are able to choose if you want a receipt. That’s it! You are all set.

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