Humor Fiction

Bad Monkey

Humor fiction intends to make the reader laugh. It can feature outlandish situations, quirky characters, or commentary on modern life.
It can be subtly amusing or laugh-out-loud funny!

Humor Subgenres:

  • Up-lit: Uplifting, cheerful stories
  • Satire: Criticizes politics or topical issues
  • Black comedy: Makes light of “serious” or painful topics
  • Romantic comedy: Lighthearted love stories with a happy ending
  • Parody: Imitates a popular work in a humorous way

Recommended Reading:

Bad Monkey / Carl Hiaasen (2013)
A soon-to-be-retired cop in Miami must solve a murder case involving a human arm left in his freezer.

Catch-22 / Joseph Heller (1961)
A Man Called OveAn absurdist satire following a bombardier and his squadron as they try to maintain their sanity during WWII.

The Eyre Affair / Jasper Fforde (2001)
A “literary detective” must enter the novel Jane Eyre to save the titular character from a kidnapping.

A Man Called Ove / Fredrik Backman (2012)
A lively family moves next door to a curmudgeonly old man, turning his solitary world upside-down.

My Year of Rest and Relaxation / Ottessa Moshfegh (2018)
A wealthy, privileged, but troubled woman decides to hibernate for a year by living off prescription drugs.

The Rosie Project  / Graeme Simsion  (2013)
A genetics professor sets out to use analytics to find the “perfect” wife but falls for someone very imperfect.

Sacré Bleu / Christopher Moore (2012)
A young painter sets out to solve the mystery of Van Gogh’s suicide, taking him on a surreal journey through Paris.

The Sellout / Paul Beatty (2015)
A young man gets caught up in a trial at the Supreme Court in this biting satire of race relations in the U.S.

The Spellman Files / Lisa Lutz (2017)
A private investigator decides to leave her family’s detective firm, but must take one last case before she goes.

Where'd you go BernadetteSurprise Me / Sophie Kinsella (2018)
A couple decides to start leaving surprises for each other so their marriage never becomes boring.

Then We Came to the End / Joshua Ferris (2007)
The employees of a Chicago advertising firm cope with layoffs through gossip, pranks, and coffee breaks.

This Could Hurt / Jillian Medoff (2018)
A 60-something H.R. employee struggles to keep her devoted staff in one piece amidst layoffs.

This Is Where I Leave You / Johnathan Tropper (2009)
A father’s dying wish is for his dysfunctional family to spend an entire week together in the same house.

Where’d You Go Bernadette / Maria Semple (2012)
When her mother runs away, a woman must piece together everything left behind to track her back down again.

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