Art at the Library

October’s Artist


October’s artist is Topsfield resident Tim Martell. Here’s what The Drop Magazine said about Tim in February 2019:” [he] weaves abstract works with paint and pens. Teaching himself the beauty of abstraction beginning his first year of high school, his work exist in the realm of geometric shapes, sunsets, and space. His affinity for linework brings a level of contrast to the colors that blend and shift throughout his work. Be it curvy topographical line, to perfected triangular patterns, lines are the epicenter of where his work begins. Constantly striving for a level of neatness and consistency, his work shifts from decisive and precision lines to color studies that bring his work to life. Mistakes, however, are always part of each piece. In Martell’s mind, they bring an added level of character, and tell a story of perseverance.  His inspiration is drawn from many facets of life; surroundings, dreams, and most of all, other artists he observes.” In the end it all just comes down to having fun with art and making people smile or just be  at a loss for words because they are so stunned with what they perceived.””

Exhibiting at the Topsfield Library

The meeting room at the library is available for monthly shows by local artists. Please review the library’s Exhibit Policy. Send a completed Exhibit Reservation Form and three samples of work (may be a website link or jpg/png images) to Laura Zalewski, 

Art Collection

The library owns several pieces of art including paintings and sculptures. Take the library’s art tour and be amazed by its collection.

The library is a corporate member of the deCordova Sculpture Park and Art Museum in Lincoln, MA. In addition to receiving passes to the Sculpture Park and Museum, the deCordova shares art work with the library. Every year in May, the library’s Art Committee selects new art work for the coming year.